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Hey Jon,

I had my '03 Honda Civic Lx coupe in your shop not too long ago for a front wheel bearing, and it's been rolling great. Thank you!

Sean Ptak

Don't judge the place by the well worn exterior. They do quality work on all European cars and they do not overcharge. They avoid using expensive OEM parts unless it is absolutely necessary. 10/10 would recommend.

Michael R.

Wonderful customer service, great family place to go. I love how good they have been to me. Will always take my car here!

Abby Caldwell

Don and John and crew have worked on my Audi (many times) and my daughter's Honda CR-V (once, so far.) I'm an engineer and something of a car nut and when younger did just about every small job myself (brakes, water pumps, etc.) so I can follow most of what they tell me. I have found them to be honest and trustworthy and recommend their shop without hesitation.

My Audi had a recurring issue centered on the secondary air injection system causing the CEL (Check Engine Light) to come on and preventing me from obtaining my annual state inspection. I replaced the electrical air pump myself once, only to find that the problem came back. Import Connection not only fixed it for a reasonable price but when it failed again under warranty a few months later, they replaced it again.

Next they did my timing belt and other major maintenance (90k miles) for about half the price of the dealer.

My daughter's Honda also had the dreaded CEL (code P42.) I replaced one of the O2 sensors myself but it didn't cure the problem. Import Connection measured the air/fuel ratio and found it was way out of spec. The fix was a valve adjustment job ($260) which corrected the air/fuel mix and the cured the CEL problem.

Again, if you're looking for an honest shop I think you'll be happy with this one. As always, do your homework first and get second opinions. I think you'll come back here though. I hope that I won't have to go back soon, but will if I can't do it myself!

Eric B.

The absolute best car repair place I have dealt with. I have a 2004 Crossfire with 60,000 miles and could not find anyone that would work on it because it's a Chrysler with a Mercedes engine..The closest Chrysler dealership that would work on it was in Gastonia and the Mercedes dealership wouldn't even look at it. I bought this car new 13 years ago and have had zero issues with it until recently it had sporadic cranking problems. Last week I was referred to Import Connections. They assured me they could repair the issue and upon my request would look the car over and let me know if they saw any other issues.. The next morning they called me with the report and price.. Per my approval and an amazing price the mechanic replaced the relay box, valve gaskets did rear brakes replaced the transmission plug, changed the oil and put new tires on the rear. my car is like new.. yesterday I had a dash light come on for the traction control but when I drove it over there the light was off. Donald the mechanic took the time to give it a look over and assured me if the issue returned he would handle it!!!! 5 star impeccable service. They are honest and did not take advantage of a women!!! As long as I have an import car I will be using them.

Cathy Sealy

I don't usually submit a lot of reviews, but I highly recommend the crew at Import Connection. They have been caring for my older (2002) BMW 525 for quite some time. When I first started going there, it was just out of warranty and it had just started having the "just out of warranty" issues. They have addressed every one at what I think is a reasonable price and have kept my old beamer running great at 145,000 miles on the odometer. I recently took my daughters 1995 318 I there for a diagnosis because she was moving to LA. I stress that this was a 1995. She made it without a hitch and they were very good about letting me know the priority list and then an ultimate wish list. I will always have a BMW, but not a new one with the $85k+ plus price tag, but I always know where to go for good professional service at a very honest price.

Suzan Will

They let me borrow a special tool once for a deposit. Nice people.

Ben Marvin

Nice, polite and knowledgeable staff.

kristian s

Quality service.

April McGinnis

Excellent diagnostics. Found the actual problem rather than just throw parts at the problems my Audi had.

James Duke

I took my car in to have the blower motor looked at due to it making very loud noises when on max output. When i picked up my car the noise was still there (though not as bad) but it was still loud and very noticable. I brought my concerns to their attention and someone came out to see for themself. and they too heard the noise. He requested that I give it some time and if it continued to bring it back.

I will keep an ear out to see if it gets better and will update this review at that time.


....So after very limited driving due to the stay at home order (I have been going out for drives around the city just to get out of the house or to pick up groceries curbside) I noticed on yesterday that I could no longer hear the A/C when on max cool.

Darnell Pugh

Honest and helpful folks.

Annie Flint

Awesome service!!!!

Steven Ostrow

Fast-friendly service!!!

J mitchell